Centuries of war have ravaged the world. Those left are sheltered under domed cities — like the decrepit city of Kennedy — but they’re not really protected. Class warfare wages. The lower classes are kept down by the upper class that strives to eventually replace them with easily-controlled artificial intelligence. The man who created this AI is Jerrid Fieger, the most powerful man in Kennedy.

Citizens by day and terrorists by night, the Project is the only force fighting against this takeover. Ayaku was once the principal dancer for the city ballet; Riley, an acrobat for the circus. Flake and Copse were computer programmers. They and the rest of the Project want the man who created synthetic robots to suffer for their losses. But an intense drug called called Clout hinders their revenge on him — a drug so addictive, it causes them to continue using it long after their skin has turned green, and their insides have begun to turn to mush.

West is different, however. He doesn’t fight for a lost career. He fights for the woman he loves.