Sleepy Hollow State Park

I took a stroll through Sleepy Hollow and saw no Headless Horsemen.
Nina MacNamara
23 sec read

Harris Nature Center and the Red Cedar River Trails

It's not the mountains, but it's still beautiful.
Nina MacNamara
40 sec read

Bronner’s CHRISTMas Wonderland – Frankenmuth, MI

I haven't been that good this year.
Nina MacNamara
56 sec read


Have a corn-y good time.
Nina MacNamara
31 sec read

Dinosauria at the Detroit Zoo

Their sight is based on movement.
Nina MacNamara
38 sec read

Road Trip: Minneapolis

Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Nina MacNamara
53 sec read

Pine Mountain, GA

It’s absolutely gorgeous here. There are plenty of picturesque hiking trails and campgrounds to explore. At this time of year, the...
Nina MacNamara
11 sec read

Arabia Mountain

A few hiking pictures.
Nina MacNamara
7 sec read

Tellus Museum

A gallery of pictures from our first trip to the Tellus Museum.
Nina MacNamara
19 sec read