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Progress Report June 2021: Vacation Be Damned, I’m Still Trudging Along

This one’s going to be quick. June turned out to be a challenging month for me. Not only did I take a week-long vacation but I also celebrated my Clerks birthday (37?!). I thought I wouldn’t get done with part 3 this month, but once again I skirted by and got done AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

Thank goodness for last possible moments.

Here’s what’s next:

  • Submit part 3 to my editor (after some mild clean up). That will happen next week after…well, see below.
  • Continue with part 4, the falling action. I’ll have a separate post about falling action later.
  • Go back and get some more re-writes in for part 2 (the rising action).
  • Recover from surgery.

Yeah, you read that right: in a few days I’m having some minor surgery from which I will have to recover. I want to write about my experience because it’s my first time having any type of surgery where I had to be put under a general anesthesia. The process leading up to this type of surgery has been…interesting to say the least. Like all things, there’s a story in it once it’s over.

Anyway, I’m hoping July allows me at least one chapter of part 4. I won’t set a high goal of 2 chapters like I did for May and June, but that’s going to be the bar for August again if I want to get things done by the end of the year.

How’s your project coming along?

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