Progress Reports

Progress Report January 2021: New Year, Same Goals

On December 30th around 9pm, I leapt up from my computer and screamed “I did it!” I made my goal of completing my re-write on part 2 of my new novel by the end of 2020! I sent my chapters to my editor and drank wine on New Year’s Eve. I could relax for the rest of the year!

Which meant the next two days. And those two days turned into two weeks.

This was not due to procrastination. This was because I had some surprise Witan work to accomplish. Once that was out of the way, I went right back to my rewriting. Unfortunately, my editor hasn’t come back to me with his notes for part 2, and part 3 hinges on what happens in part 2. Thus, no moving on to part 3 just yet.

Instead, I’m going back to part 1 and reviewing editor notes. The good news is his notes are solid, clear, and comprehensible. I know what I have to do to make the narrative flow and connect. He also gave me a few suggestions that I liked and wanted to incorporate. 

Bad news: this is where authors like myself get lazy. Going back over my work this soon after re-writes is tedious. I think I already wrote this and my brain skips over words and sentences, then eventually entire paragraphs. I catch myself and then go back to re-read, which is time lost that I could be writing. What did I miss during these space-outs? Minor plot points, or gaping plot holes? For example, I spent twenty minutes digging through thousands of words just to find out if I wrote down what make and model car a character drove just so I wouldn’t have a conflict later on. Had I been smarter in this instance, I would have put this factoid in my book bible, but I didn’t think of it as consequential the first time I wrote it. THANKS PAST ME. 

However, all is not lost. I’m going to finish January with more part one edits and pester my editor about his notes for part 2. Then, it’s back to more re-writing in February. I don’t know how long re-writing for part 3 will take; if part 2 was any indication, it’ll be a few months.

But no one said novel-writing was quick.

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