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seedling inside a small box with soil

Seeds in the Garden

"Hold fast to dreams / For when dreams go / Life is a barren field / Frozen with snow." Langston Hughes
Nina MacNamara
4 min read
flowers on green grass

Weeds in the Garden

It has to end somewhere, might as well be with me.
Nina MacNamara
1 min read

Dinosauria at the Detroit Zoo

Their sight is based on movement.
Nina MacNamara
38 sec read

Road Trip: Minneapolis

Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Nina MacNamara
53 sec read
nature sunset fashion people


I’ve had an eye twitch for the last 4 days. It started in my left eye, and now my right eye...
Nina MacNamara
16 sec read
Selective Focus Photography of Gift Boxes

Version 3.8

Am I wiser? Or just less likely to give a shit?
Nina MacNamara
43 sec read

Things I Miss: Caffeine

I had to give up caffeine after my epilepsy diagnosis. A few months after that, my neurologist asked how much caffeine...
Nina MacNamara
1 min read
selective focus photography of woman wearing black cold-shoulder shirt using megaphone during daytime

A Reminder or Two as Your Reproductive Rights are Stripped Away

This isn't about us. Or them.
Nina MacNamara
2 min read
brown cardboard boxes on brown wooden table

Let The Next Phase Begin

I’m not ready to officially announce it, but today I began the process of moving. Over the next few weeks, I’ll...
Nina MacNamara
23 sec read

More Advice To A Parent (from a Continued Non-Parent)

Another parent, another letter. This time, more panic.
Nina MacNamara
4 min read