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grayscale photo of naked woman

Shame: The Movie That Triggered Me

"We're not bad people, Brandon. We just come from a bad place."
Nina MacNamara
2 min read

Harris Nature Center and the Red Cedar River Trails

It's not the mountains, but it's still beautiful.
Nina MacNamara
40 sec read
photo of shopping mall

A Woman Never Forgets Her First Time

I typically get pretty deep and dark in these type of stories, but I promise you this one is kind of...
Nina MacNamara
6 min read
monitor screen with openai logo on black background

AI: Authentically Irrational

Here's how to harness the power of evil for (mostly) good.
Nina MacNamara
5 min read
flat lay photography of variety of vegetables

Intuitive Eating and Other Bullshit

I was fine until you said I wasn't. Or maybe I never was. TW: disordered eating, suicide mention, passive aggressive compliments
Nina MacNamara
10 min read
black headset hanging on black and gray microphone

A Bitter Spring: Now an Audiobook!

Now there's more than one way to consume my prose!
Nina MacNamara
36 sec read
red stop sign

How Not to Be an Asshole

It's ok. We're all trying to be better.
Nina MacNamara
6 min read
app entertainment ipad mockup

Movies I Watched (and Rewatched) This Year

Spoiler alert: I didn't like most of them.
Nina MacNamara
6 min read

It Is Finished

I've been waiting almost ten years to make this post.
Nina MacNamara
45 sec read

Bronner’s CHRISTMas Wonderland – Frankenmuth, MI

I haven't been that good this year.
Nina MacNamara
56 sec read